Spring, 2001

house from pasture

The year started unpromisingly, but spring has shaped up to be quite lovely, really.

Spring is the season when everything should have been done yesterday, and we're struggling to keep up. A new crop of calves, a vegetable garden to put in, and other various sundries to accomplish...

kitchen garden

From the ruins of the summer kitchen we've finally accomplished a perennial garden. It took almost a year to dig out all the little trees, but we're quite pleased with the results.

The front porch, too, has come out well....

front porch

...as well as the back ones...

back porches

There really isn't much to tell about what we're doing; it's just more of the same--scraping, painting, cleaning up, and getting ready for the Yancey reunion and the wedding of our good friends Dan and Stephany, in July. The work is slow, but satisfying.

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