2005: The Colors of Spring

After an unusually long-seeming winter, a cool spring gave us rewards by the bouquet-full.

tulips in the woods

The naturalizing tulips and daffodils came up alongside all the native and wild bluebells that come in such profusion every April.


In the old dairy, bluebells are in foreground, In background, santolina grows in the old kettle, with rue and sweet woodruff to the right.

more bluebells

In the old summer kitchen, a closeup of a flowering crabapple. Bluebells grow in the background, as they grew all over the place, where we wanted them and also where we didn't.


Clematis cover an old stump, between buddleia (butterfly bush) on the left and deutzia on the right. Sweet William and euphorbia in the foreground, a bleeding heart, or dicentra, on the right....


...while in the herb garden, peach and blue irises took over for a little.

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