Progress Report: Houston, We Have Bedrooms!

It's been a long time coming.

Eight years since we first came to RiverBank, we moved at last into finished bedrooms.

back bedroom back bedroom

Our bedroom is directly over the kitchen. When we moved here, it was green--all of it: ceiling, walls, woodwork, floor--it was green (and under the green, brown and gray).


It took months to clean, replaster the walls, sand the woodwork and paint. When we had the chance we'd work at it, a little at a time. If I had a spare hour, I'd be upstairs scraping something. So in July it scraping and sanding was done, and I took a week to paint and stencil our bedroom, and I figured we'd be about done for the summer. But being so close to being done made us all motivated. It took the month of August and all of us working together to sand the floors and get them into shape to finish. And when we did....


...the heart pine came out from its long hiding, and all of it was worth it.

Jack's room

Jack was thrilled to moved into his own room at last. A place to put all his stuff, hang his trophies and plug in his guitar.

After replastering and before painting and woodworking.

After Jack settled in

It's been a long haul, but satisfying. And the finished product was worth the waiting for. With the bedrooms done, suddenly restoring the rest of the house feels like it's moved to within reach.

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