The Attack of the Beavers

back yard

Yes, it's a beautiful place to live, with breathtaking views and lots of space and the best of the natural world right at our fingertips, and the flowers are pretty, too.

cleomes reveille

But occasionally, just occasionally, nature gets a little close.

beaver damage

Beavers, having taken up residence on the island behind the house, have already decimated the neighbors' fruit trees. To keep their fast-growing teeth honed and sharp, they gnaw almost constantly on saplings, leaving pointed bungee sticks at convenient beaver-high intervals, each one surrounded by a pile of chips.

We assumed the presence of dogs around the farm would be sufficient to discourage them. But I guess they're sly critters, and not above sneaking in for a munch on a crabapple tree when our backs are turned. So, for the near future anyway, Dobbers and Max will patrol through the overnight shift.

Dobbers Max

Still, it's not as bad as when the bear had her cubs in the field last year....

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