RiverBank: As It Used to Be
A Photo Archive

For years, Andy and I had both known about the house at RiverBank, but in all the years that I watched the house, it was abandoned, and every year it showed a little more deterioration. I had never seen the house when it was not a wreck.

We could see much of the potential the house had from the beginning. We could also see, for instance, a ghost image of the porch in the brick on the front of the house. There were a couple of old photos in books that we were going to base the restoration on. But we really didn't see the house the way it had once been.

All that changed when John Batzel, a great-great grandson of Captain William Yancey, stopped by to visit. He told many of his relatives that we were at work on the house, and we were overwhelmed with good wishes and offers of help. We've been very fortunate in that many of the descendants in the Yancey family have opened their family archives to us and helped us see the house as it was supposed to be. The pictures that follow come from the Yancey family. The sepia-colored photo is courtesy of Mrs. Hunter S. Gibbons; all the others are from the archives of Rev. James Boice.

Captain William Yancey and family, circa 1865-1870

Long View of the Front

Close up of the Front

Front View in the Shade

The Back of the House, Long South View

The Back of the House, close up

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